Winter is a time to SLOW Down

Winter is a time of YIN. That means that Winter is a time to Slow Down, Rest, and Recuperate.  If you look out the window at Nature you can clearly see that Nature is preparing to go to sleep and recharge in a long Winter Nap.  We should do the same.  We are not bears that need to sleep for 3 months, but we do need to sleep more in the winter time.  It is Normal to be more tired than usual in the winter time. There is less sunshine, therefore you will be less active naturally and your brain will naturally produce more Melatonin.  This is Normal!  It does not mean you have depression.  

Seasonal Depression does have the symptoms of being more fearful of the end of the world coming, feeling doomsday feelings when the sun goes down, having a hard time mentally accomplishing anything like balancing a checkbook or buying groceries.  I have experienced this in the past and finally completely overcame it by taking Vitamin D3.  It worked in a couple days. Vitamin D3 is a Yin vitamin.

When we are lacking Yin, or lacking all the trace minerals and Nutrition that are Yin, then you may experience the symptoms of Seasonal Depression, or trouble sleeping, or Symptoms of ADHD and trouble focusing on one thing. These problems are happening more and more because of a total disregard in the United States culture for anything and everything Yin.  The US culture pushes everything that is Yang such as everything aggressive, loud, and fast- Coffee, chocolate, soy, corn, grain diets(all breads, pastas, cereal, cake, cookies, noodles), late nights at the bar, fast cars, working excessively long hours, exciting amusement parks, loud music concerts, fighting, constant competition, pesticides, genetically modified foods, synthetic fertilizers, blood thirsty video games and movies. Everything I just listed is in the excessive Yang category. Too much Yang will hurt you and will burn up your Yin extremely fast, shortening your life span.  A normal amount of Yang is Summer Sunshine, moderate exercise, working on a worthy project, learning to play a musical instrument. 

A good way to Understand what is the difference between Yin and Yang is to look at an oil lamp.  The oil within the lamp is the Yin. The flame is the Yang.  You have to take time regularly to replenish the oil in the lamp, Yin, in order to continue to have a flame, Yang.  If you turn up the flame to burn too brightly or too hot, then it burns up the oil, Yin, much faster. 

Things that replenish your oil lamp, Yin, is going to bed between 9 pm and 10 pm so that you get enough sleep.  This is important because your brain produces the most melatonin between 8pm and 10 pm depending on the seasons.  After midnight the amount of melatonin steadily decreases.  So go to bed early! Also eat breakfast, such as eggs or potatoes.  If you don't eat breakfast then don't expect to have much strength throughout the day. You wouldn't expect your car to run if the gas tank is on empty. Your body works the same way.   

Some Yin nourishing foods are tubers that grow beneath the dirt such as potatoes.  The darker the color of the potato the more Yin it has such as purple potatoes or red skinned potatoes, Sweet potatoes, red-purple beets, carrotts.  Squash which is a winter time food is very good for nourishing Yin and helping strengthen your kidneys.  So pumpkin, winter squash, yellow squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, even watermelon. Anything in the squash family will strengthen your kidneys which are more affected in the winter.  Also we need the fat soluble vitamins D3 which is found in cold water fish such as salmon, duck, and goat milk and goat meat and sheep meat. These meats are also warming and therefore good if you get cold easily in winter.  And the best wintertime vegetable is Cabbage, boiled or steamed.  Cabbage comes ripe in the winter because it is a winter crop and great for your body in the winter.  You might ask, well isn't squash a vegetable?  No, Squash is a fruit.  It is a very good fruit, you should eat lots of squash to strengthen your kidneys and Nourish Yin, but you still need to eat GREEN vegetables and the best wintertime vegetable is cooked Cabbage.  

Winter time is Not the time to start a new exercise routine. Your body is not physically able to do this in the winter time. This is why most people's New Years resolution to start running 5 miles a day starting on January 1 doesn't work.  Since winter is a time of Yin and your body is trying to rest and recuperate, then your blood will be more in your internal organs and less in your external muscles.  The same thing goes for the night time.  Night time is Yin so most of your blood goes into your internal organs to rest, digest, and replenish. During the day time which is Yang, then your blood goes out to your skeletal muscles so that you can do physical work.  This is the reason why you feel absolutely miserable when you wake up on January 2nd at 5 AM and go push yourself to do exercises that your body is not even used to doing.  And then you pull a muscle and hurt like hell and then you quit exercising and hate exercising and never go back to the gym.  You pulled muscles and hurt like hell because there was no blood in your skeletal muscles to be able to do those physical activities.  All the blood was in your internal organs because you just crawled out of bed 15 minutes ago.  And then after the exercise then you want to eat breakfast?  But then the food doesn't digest very well because you have viciously forced the blood to run out to the skeletal muscles so there is not enough blood in the internal organs to digest the food properly or even have strength for the bowels to be able to excrete a healthy bowel movement.  And then this eventually leads to constipation and bloating.  That is why some people are still bloated even though they work out alot.  So much about digestion and exercise in the US is out of balance and bass ackwards.  

If you want to start a new exercise program, start it in April, May or June when the Earth as a whole is moving towards a normal time of Yang.  And when you wake up in the morning drink your water, eat your breakfast and have your bowel movements in the morning when all your blood is still in your internal organs.  Then wait a couple hours.  The best times to exercise is between 10 am and 4 pm. I know most people work but you could exercise when you get home from work. Or on a break.  

Being in tune with the seasons, and what your body is doing from night to day and from Yin Season to Yang Season will help you to be able to be more in tune with when is a good time to rest and when is a good time to start new activities and also to live a fuller, healthier, longer life.

Review of Halki Diabetes Remedy

This is an incredible story of one couple's discovery that changed their life drastically for the better. It improved their lives in ways they never thought possible.  I really believe that there are a lot more ways to treat many health issues besides the typical doctors visits. That is why I got into Alternative Medicine in the first place. If any one is struggling with Weight issues or possibly Type 2 Diabetes symptoms, you may find it very enlightening to click on this link Halki Diabetes Remedy and read or listen to this couple's story of how they overcame the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.  I was amazed at what I read and learned.  I don't want to spoil it for you but I think it would be well worth your time to click on it and read the article all the way through to the end.  You might be shocked at what you learn. I was. 

I know that feeling of being given a diagnosis of some illness by a medical doctor and being told there is no cure for it, only medical treatments. That is a devastating blow to your pride and independence.  This couple was given the same bad news as so many other people. But in Halki Diabetes Remedy they did a lot of their own research and their story goes into details of how they found ways to treat the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and go on to live a much fuller healthier life than before.  I really enjoyed their story and I think you might as well especially if you struggle with similar symptoms.  So read Halki Diabetes Remedy and get ready to have your eyes opened to new possibilities!

Diet and Weight Loss

A lot of people ask me about diet and or weight loss. I do stay on a pretty strict diet myself for proper weight.  My own personal diet consists of staying away from corn, soy, wheat, and cow milk. Not only are those 4 ingredients known for causing weight gain, belly fat, gallstones, high cholesterol, inflammation, and being loaded with pesticides, but they also adversely affect me greatly. If I eat bread made with wheat I will have to run to the bathroom in about 5 minutes. If I eat corn anything I get extremely irritated, probably because of the insane amount of pesticides that are sprayed on the corn. Soy has made me sick as a dog ever since I was a little kid, so that is why I don't eat chocolate, because soy is always added to chocolate. And cow milk causes me to get ear infections, soar throat, sinus infections, and stomach aches. So when people ask me "Don't you miss being able to eat pizza and icecream?" my answer is always  "Not at all!"  I certainly do NOT miss all the side effects that I felt every time I ate that garbage. 

Along with watching what I eat I sometimes take supplements to help with digestion or metabolism.  I do not sell or prescribe any herbs or supplements in my office so here are some good supplements that I found online that have very high reviews and a very good track record with many people who have bought these products and had great results-  HalkiDiabetesRemedy, Leptitox

Have a great day and enjoy all the health that the natural health world has to offer!

To Change the World we must Change the Food!

Confucius, who was a very famous Chinese philosopher, has a very famous saying that goes like this:

"To Change the World you must change the Nation. To change the Nation you must change it's People. To change it's People you must change it's Families.  To change the Families you must change the Self.  To change your Self, you must change your Heart.  To change your Heart you must change your Mind.  To change your mind you must change your Thoughts.  To change your Thoughts you must Investigate Knowledge- seeing things as they really are. "

So In my quest for knowledge I have learned that Food has the greatest impact on how a person looks, feels, and thinks, more so than anything else.  Yes other people can impact how you feel but usually the way that they are acting is caused by their level of healthiness which is caused by the food that they eat.  

I am not talking about pounds, or weight loss, or calories or grams of fat.  All of that is irrelevant here.  What I am talking about is the quality of the food starting with how it was grown. If the fruits and vegetables that you eat are genetically engineered and then sprayed with deadly poison called pesticides, then that food is Not healthy. When we eat poisoned food it makes us feel miserable and can change our mood and energy levels.  Also if we feed these genetically modified crops such as corn and soy and cottonseed to the cows, pigs, and chickens, and then we eat those animals, then we are still getting the particles of the genetically modified foods and pesticides through the animal products.  

If you are wondering why there is such high rates of cancer and diabetes, look at the food.  Also all of those chemicals get into our water and drifts many miles in the air so we are also drinking it and breathing it in.  If you wonder why so many children have learning disorders look at what is in their food.  If you wonder why there are so many school shootings nowadays, look at the food! Remember that the Liver has to filter all of the toxins that we ingest out of the blood. But after awhile the Liver gets full of toxins and in Chinese medicine a Toxic Liver is often displayed by expressions of anger.  Also Depression is a sometimes caused by a Toxic Liver.  Depression can also be caused by lack of proper nutrients which also comes from eating unhealthy or Empty food. Again it goes back to the food.

While growing up on the farm, anytime one of our animals was sick, the first thing that Ol' Doc Joe (the Veterinarian) would look at is what the animal is eating. He would pick up a handful of the hay or silage to smell if it was moldy. He would ask about the protein composition- Was the cow getting too much protein and not enough fiber? That is a very common problem with most people's diet today. Also he would check her water source to see if the water had chemicals or other bad impurities in it. The first thing that a Vet checks with a sick animal is the animal's food and water. Why doesn't our modern society do that with people?  They should. 

Even Behavior issues are affected by these foods, primarily because of the toxins that build up in the Liver and cause irritation making the whole person irritated and causing them to act out and misbehave.  

What about Drug Addiction? That is a huge problem that has suddenly increased drastically in the last 5 years. How interesting to note that the in 2014 the agricultural industry told farmers to start mixing and spraying even stronger and deadlier chemicals on the grains and vegetables. Those grains also get fed to the farm animals so whether we eat the vegetables and grains or eat the cow and chickens eventually all those chemicals still gets into our system through what we eat. And those pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides make people feel like CRAP physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  So when the people feel awful and the prescription medicines can't help, then out of pure desperation people turn to illegal drugs.  

So I will add to Confucius's saying, but first I want to point out that he mentions the Heart. The Heart in Chinese medicine can affect your ability to think clearly. A weak heart can possibly lead to a weak mind and wrong decision making. And those pesticides that are sprayed all over our food can and have caused weak hearts and even caused people's hearts to just plain stop beating and die. It affects us on a cellular level so it affects every cell in our bodies. It also affects our hormones.

So in order to change your Self and your Health, you must change your Heart. In order to change your Heart you must change your Cells. In order to change your Cells you must change your Food. In order to change your Food you must change How the Food is grown.

Increasing Allergies to Bee Stings

Over the years more and more people are becoming allergic to bee stings. In Traditional Chinese Medicine a bee sting is called Toxic Heat. Many people's idea or way to prevent bee stings is to spray their yard with pesticides so that there are no flowering weeds to attract the bees. Many businesses spray pesticides all around their business property so that none of their clients get stung by a bee and decides to sue the business.  

But what no one is realizing is that pesticides are Toxic Heat also.  And the pesticides build up in your body over time which will increase your allergic reactions.  I am going to use an analogy or parable to explain this:

So if a metal worker/machinist is in his garage/shop grinding a piece of metal, then sparks will be flying off the grinding wheel and going all over the place.  Most of the mechanics or machinists that I have known keep their garage/shop cleaner than their house because of these sparks.  Usually their cement floor is swept clean and everything including tools, parts, and supplies are put away in cupboards or at least far away in a corner so these things are not any where near the sparks that are flying out from the grinding wheel.  So these sparks can be thrown off of the grinding wheel all day long but when the sparks land on the clean cement floor nothing happens. There is no reaction. 

But if the  work bench and the floor are covered in kerosene, oil, diesel fuel, and garbage such as paper and sawdust, well then when the sparks hit this highly flammable mess the sparks instantly ignite the oils and fuels and paper junk and the whole entire place goes up in flames. 

In this little parable the bee stings are the sparks and the pesticides that build up in the body are the kerosene, oil and fuel and junk laying around that easily ignites. 

Pesticides started being used in 1944, slowly at first and then increasing over the years. Now people are spraying their lawns with it.  Pesticides are sprayed on the football fields, the school playgrounds, the parks, along the edges of sidewalks. These pesticides get into the water and is Not able to be filtered out by the Water Sewage Treatment Plants.  It seeps into people's wells. A lot of people are of the misconception that if they live out in the country around farms and fields that their air is cleaner and their water is safer.  Not so. Almost all farmers nowadays spray their fields several times throughout the year, and all of those pesticides, herbicides and fungicides seep through the soil into your well water.  Also the pesticide sprays can drift for miles through the air, killing the neighbors vegetable gardens and forcing you to breathe it into your lungs. I know people who live out in the country around these corn and soy fields who have lung disease even though they have never smoked a cigarette. 

A few of my customers this past year told me that their dog started having seizures and acting funny and then died after the fields near their homes were sprayed.  Well if it can affect a dog then it can affect humans also. 

So to protect myself and my family I got a water filter, the best kind being a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in order to get all those chemicals out of my drinking water.  And I keep all my doors and windows shut in the spring and the fall which is when the farmers are spraying the most.

  They spray the ground before they plant in order to kill any weeds that grew over the winter.  And they spray several times throughout the summer with Roundup. And then they spray the harshest nastiest most horrific chemicals such Dicamba mixed with other things in order to kill their crop in September to make it dry up quickly so they can harvest it early and get paid sooner.  It is horrible logic but if you look out your window or watch as you are driving somewhere you can plainly see them out there spraying during all these times.  Also close to 60% of the corn and soy is fed to cows, pigs and chickens because it makes them gain weight quickly (it does the same thing to humans), and so these pesticides also end up in the cow milk and beef, pork, chicken and eggs.  So we are getting exposed to pesticides at every possible turn.  Oh, and I forgot to mention how much pesticides are sprayed on potatoes, tomatoes, cotton(used to make some tampons and also fed to cows) and other fruits and vegetables.  

All of these Toxic chemicals build up inside our bodies just like the gasoline or diesel fuel and junk paper laying all around in a garage just waiting for one little spark to come along and ignite it.  Those bee stings are that spark. So is bad emotions.  So it is important to do everything you possibly can to eliminate these Toxic Heat pesticides from your life as much as possible. Stop spraying your yard.  Get a petition to stop spraying the school playground. And even though you might have been told that these chemicals dissipate in 24 hours, just know that that is so not true. These pesticides have tested positive in water and soil months and even a year after the last spray.  These pesticides have been tested positive in baby formulas, milk, beer, tampons, and almost every food you can imagine.  So try to buy products that are as organic as possible.  And it would really help to look for a Non-GMO label, since GMO's are made to be resistant to pesticides so that the farmers can spray the fields more often without it dying. 

Growing your own vegetables and raising your own chickens would be beneficial, but then you have to be careful what kind of feed you are feeding to them because most of the Chicken Feed Grains are full of pesticides.  Look into Totally Natural farming.  And for those people who can not raise your own then when buying meat at the store try to look for labels that say grass fed or pasture raised. It may cost a little more money but it is worth it in the long run if it is healthier for you. Also you have the option to cut back on the amount of meat and animal products that you eat.  You do need some meat, but most Americans just plain eat way too much meat. 

All of these little thing add up to making a difference in the severity of your allergies to Bees and other things like grass, and food allergies.  And you have the option to take your health one step further by looking up the detoxifying effects of dandelion root.

Why Sunflowers?

Several of my customers have asked me why I named my business after Sunflowers.  Well, I like the way sunflowers look. They are big and bright. I remember as a kid driving past this one field of sunflowers. I was always in awe and wonder at how big these "flowers" could get. Also it left me in awe and wonder at the fact that they can turn their big heads to face the sun no matter what time of day it is. That proves to me that these plants have more life or intelligence to them than what people give any plant credit for. 

The other reason I chose sunflowers is because I eat quite a lot of Sunflower seeds. In fact I order them in 25 pound bags from the local organic herbal store.  Sunflowers are a main food staple for myself and my family. You see, I, and some other members of my family, cannot eat wheat, or oats, or anything with gluten. In fact we avoid most grains including corn and most rice.  I used to think my issue was a gluten intolerance. It started with severe depression and anxiety and eventually turned into very painful IBS.  But then why do I also have a problem with most things rice or corn?  And most things in the store that are Gluten-Free in the grocery store are made with soy, which also adversely affects me, or corn and rice.

After much talking with Naturopathic Doctors, as well as doing my own research, I learned about Genetically Modified Crops and the horrifying amount of pesticides that are sprayed on those genetically modified crops. It's enough to kill an elephant! Literally. There is no nice way to put it- what they have done to the wheat, corn, soy, and more recently- rice and peanuts, is absolutely EVIL!

If you look online, there are some medical doctors who are beginning to think that Celiac disease and Gluten Intolerance may not actually be caused by the actual grains but by the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that are dumped all over those crops in an ever increasing amount. 

But Sunflowers have so far escaped the raping of their DNA and the toxic poisoning by pesticides because they are a little different. The chemicals that are sprayed on the previously mentioned crops would kill a sunflower very quickly. The Sunflower is a touchy plant. So the farmers who grow Sunflowers usually only spray the field just before planting the seeds into the soil, and then they leave them alone for the entire rest of the season. This is what was explained to me by a local sunflower grower.  

So I buy the raw, already hulled Sunflower seeds, and then I grind them into flour to make cake, or cookies, or pie crust. It tastes really good! I even make my own cereal with them sometimes.  The first time I baked a cake with sunflower seeds, the inside of the cake was green! It really surprised me. But when I took that first bite, Oh My Goodness! It was the most amazing flavor! I never tasted any cake before in my life that tasted that good.  By doing some research I found out that sunflower seeds have a lot more minerals in them than other grains. The sunflower roots go down into the soil 20 or 30 feet so they are picking up way more nutrients. This is the reason for the green color in my cake.

So yes, sunflowers do make me happy. Anything that I can eat without suffering bad side effects from, makes me very happy.


The Importance of Yin and Yang in our Food Affects our Bodies and our World

                                            The Importance of Yin and Yang in our Food Affects our Bodies and our World, Happy Sunflower Acupuncture in Wooster, OH

The Importance of Yin and Yang within ourselves and the world around us can best be understood if we first understand what Yin and Yang are. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin and Yang are used to describe the important balance of everything around us, and within us. 

In the symbol above, Yin is the dark portion. Yin represents all things feminine, soft, cool and dark, such as night time, winter, and water. Yin also represents sleep, resting and digesting, calm and quiet. Yin is also the earth's ability to support and bring forth life from the soil, just as women support and bring forth new life in babies.  

Yang is the light/ white part of the symbol above. Yang is basically everything masculine, loud, fast, aggressive, hot, summer, day time, work and activity.The sun is considered Yang while the moon is Yin. 

In nature we see Yin and Yang balancing itself always. Night always turns into day and then day turns into night. Summer fades into winter which eventually gives way to spring and then becomes summer again. These cycles are continuous forever and ever. You cannot have one without the other. The oceans and lakes are Yin and are held in by land which is more Yang than water. 

These same cycles are very important within our human bodies also. Each night we must sleep and rest, Yin activity, in order to support having enough Yang energy to do all the work that needs to be done the next day. But the Yang energy is important within our bodies to keep us warm and to gather food so that we can then nourish our Yin. Eating food gives us Yin first to support our internal organs which then supports our external muscles to do Yang activities. Basically if our Lungs and Heart are not supported with enough Yin nutrition, then we will not have the Yang energy to do things like run, work, jump and play.

Soil also has a lot of Yin which gives it the ability to bring forth vegetation. The dirt itself has many many different minerals which will get absorbed by the growing plants. But there is also living bacteria and organisms within the soil such as earth worms and even certain types of fungus which actually helps the growing plants to stay healthy and be able to absorb water and nutrients better. All of these little organisms or microbes within the soil are Yin. Their job is absolutely essential to the health of the growing plants. The sunshine is Yang which combines with the Yin of the soil that has been sucked up into the plant, ie minerals, and this perfect combination helps to support and grow the little plant. As the plant grows, the growth rate is a Yang activity. 

Many health articles talk about how some of our modern health problems come from the soil getting depleted of minerals. While there may be some truth to that, I believe it is more of an imbalance between Yin and Yang in modern farming practices. Pesticides are extremely Yang. Pesticides are Toxic Heat. Pesticides are designed to do one thing- Kill. Pesticides kill all of the much needed little microbes that are in the soil supporting the plants. Pesticides kill the earth worms, and any bacteria and fungus that actually help the plants to absorb nutrients better. That means that the crops are not able to absorb as much of the minerals in the soil.  Then the farmer dumps on a bunch of synthetic fertilizers that are primarily 3 main ingredients: Nitrate, Phosphorous, and Potassium. There is a little bit of ammonia and sulfur in the mixture , but the Nitrate, Phosphorous, and Potassium are in very large unnatural quantities so that is mostly all that the plant sucks up. This does cause the plant to grow very large very fast, which most people think is a good thing. It is not! 

When the plants grow that  fast, which is a very Yang activity, then they don't have time to put roots down deeper into the soil to be able to absorb all the other micronutrients that they would naturally have absorbed. The fruit may be bigger but it has less nutritional value. I have noticed with grapes, apples, and tomatoes, the bigger they are then the less flavor they have. Flavor comes from vitamins that are only created by all the little micronutrients that got left behind when the plant was forced into superfast accelerated growth mode. 

And then since we humans eat these crops that are deficient in micronutrients, then we have become mineral deficient and vitamin deficient. This contributes to weak bones and joints, as well as learning disabilities in children who are trying to grow but there is not enough minerals and vitamins to support their developing brain. 

Also the pesticides that were sprayed on the plants then leave residue that stays in or on the plant permanently. These pesticides are Toxic Heat. Then when we eat these foods with pesticides on them, then that goes into our bodies and causes Toxic Heat in us. And since the Liver is the first organ to try to filter toxins out of our blood, then most of these toxic pesticides build up in the Liver which causes Toxic Heat in the Liver. In Traditional Chinese Medicine one of the biggest symptoms of Toxic Heat in the Liver is Anger.  What do we see an increased amount of in today's society?  Anger!  People everywhere, young and old, rich and poor are experiencing anger themselves or violent situations with severely angry people that is causing death and destruction within our schools and our homes  and our society nationwide. There is way too much Yang in our food and in our world today and not anywhere near enough Yin. 

Yin is representative of night time, sleep, calm. Yin is also representative of all the little micronutrients and trace minerals that a plant would normally absorb from the soil. Yin is also representative of the Probiotics that are the healthy supportive bacteria in our gut.  These micronutrients, trace minerals, and good bacteria are vitally important to our health and without it, then we don't sleep, relax, focus or calm down very well. We need Yin nutrients to be able to engage in Yin activities like sleeping, calming our minds, and even digesting food.

So let's do away with the excessive Yang synthetic fertilizers, and completely get rid of the Severely Yang Toxic Heat pesticides, and allow the plants to grow at a slower rate and be able to absorb all the Yin micronutrients. Let's return to organic farming the way my parents farm did it when we spread good old fashioned manure on the fields every winter so that it was blended into the soil in the spring. That was our fertilizer and it worked extremely well. It is a better balance of Yin and Yang and respecting the cycle of nature. I believe there would be a lot less health problems and violence problems if we grow our food the way God intended it to grow by allowing the plants to absorb all the Yin that is needed to support life. 

All of our modern methods have created a severely Yang world. The laws of the universe require that everything must always be in balance.  That means that when things get too far out of balance in one direction, then the universe will eventually turn it back on itself in the opposite direction, sometimes by violent means in order to rebalance the whole system. We humans should try to fix our system before the earth fixes it for us.