Half Priced Acupuncture Treatments on AOM Day!

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day was initially commemorated on October 24, 2002 and has been celebrated annually by acupuncturists across the United States since then. This day has been designed to help the general public become aware of the many health promoting possibilities available through Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Many people are turning to Acupuncture to help find relief of pain without medications. Also Acupuncture can help people find balance in their life, even if they don't have a specific physical complaint. 

I am offering 50% off all Acupuncture treatments on Wednesday, October 24, from 9 am to 4 pm. Please stop in and try it. Walk-ins welcome on this day only.  Referrals are not needed.  

Massages for $1/ minute

by Therese Byrne LAc, LMT

Sometimes when I say the name of my business, Happy Sunflower Acupuncture, people often think of needles first and don't always think of massage. I was a licensed Massage Therapist for several years before I decided to go back to school for acupuncture.  I graduated from Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy in 2009, in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, and received my Massage Therapy License in Pennsylvania in 2009.  I was trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Sports Massage, and Prenatal Massage.  Later when I moved to Ohio to begin the Acupuncture Program at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus Ohio, then I decided that I wanted to stay in Ohio and got my Massage Therapy License from the Ohio State Medical Board.

I charge $1 a minute for my massages no matter what kind of massage you are getting whether you are getting a Prenatal Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or a Sports Massage. 

Now that the weather is turning colder it is a good time to get in for a nice Therapeutic Massage to help those aches and pains that seem to be a little worse in the winter time.  Come on in and see if Massage Therapy can help you feel better!

See ya soon,

Therese Byrne LAc, LMT

Welcome to Happy Sunflower Acupuncture!

by Therese Byrne LAc, LMT

I am on a journey of Healing, as I believe we all are.  I have improved my life tremendously thanks to alternative medicine.  After discovering how much alternative therapies helped me and my family, I decided that I wanted to give back by sharing with others what was shared with me.  So a number of years ago I went back to school to finish my undergraduate credits at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and then got accepted into the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio.  After three years of hard work studying Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture and all that goes with that, including Tuina, and Cupping, I graduated in December of 2016, and attained my Acupuncture License from the Ohio Medical State Board. I had previously earned my Massage Therapy License so that was a great addition to acupuncture. 

Feel free to call with inquiries.  I would be happy to answer questions about my services or schedule an appointment for you. 

Wishing you the best health life has to offer,

Therese Byrne, LAc, LMT