The Importance of Yin and Yang in our Food Affects our Bodies and our World

                                            The Importance of Yin and Yang in our Food Affects our Bodies and our World, Happy Sunflower Acupuncture in Wooster, OH

The Importance of Yin and Yang within ourselves and the world around us can best be understood if we first understand what Yin and Yang are. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin and Yang are used to describe the important balance of everything around us, and within us. 

In the symbol above, Yin is the dark portion. Yin represents all things feminine, soft, cool and dark, such as night time, winter, and water. Yin also represents sleep, resting and digesting, calm and quiet. Yin is also the earth's ability to support and bring forth life from the soil, just as women support and bring forth new life in babies.  

Yang is the light/ white part of the symbol above. Yang is basically everything masculine, loud, fast, aggressive, hot, summer, day time, work and activity.The sun is considered Yang while the moon is Yin. 

In nature we see Yin and Yang balancing itself always. Night always turns into day and then day turns into night. Summer fades into winter which eventually gives way to spring and then becomes summer again. These cycles are continuous forever and ever. You cannot have one without the other. The oceans and lakes are Yin and are held in by land which is more Yang than water. 

These same cycles are very important within our human bodies also. Each night we must sleep and rest, Yin activity, in order to support having enough Yang energy to do all the work that needs to be done the next day. But the Yang energy is important within our bodies to keep us warm and to gather food so that we can then nourish our Yin. Eating food gives us Yin first to support our internal organs which then supports our external muscles to do Yang activities. Basically if our Lungs and Heart are not supported with enough Yin nutrition, then we will not have the Yang energy to do things like run, work, jump and play.

Soil also has a lot of Yin which gives it the ability to bring forth vegetation. The dirt itself has many many different minerals which will get absorbed by the growing plants. But there is also living bacteria and organisms within the soil such as earth worms and even certain types of fungus which actually helps the growing plants to stay healthy and be able to absorb water and nutrients better. All of these little organisms or microbes within the soil are Yin. Their job is absolutely essential to the health of the growing plants. The sunshine is Yang which combines with the Yin of the soil that has been sucked up into the plant, ie minerals, and this perfect combination helps to support and grow the little plant. As the plant grows, the growth rate is a Yang activity. 

Many health articles talk about how some of our modern health problems come from the soil getting depleted of minerals. While there may be some truth to that, I believe it is more of an imbalance between Yin and Yang in modern farming practices. Pesticides are extremely Yang. Pesticides are Toxic Heat. Pesticides are designed to do one thing- Kill. Pesticides kill all of the much needed little microbes that are in the soil supporting the plants. Pesticides kill the earth worms, and any bacteria and fungus that actually help the plants to absorb nutrients better. That means that the crops are not able to absorb as much of the minerals in the soil.  Then the farmer dumps on a bunch of synthetic fertilizers that are primarily 3 main ingredients: Nitrate, Phosphorous, and Potassium. There is a little bit of ammonia and sulfur in the mixture , but the Nitrate, Phosphorous, and Potassium are in very large unnatural quantities so that is mostly all that the plant sucks up. This does cause the plant to grow very large very fast, which most people think is a good thing. It is not! 

When the plants grow that  fast, which is a very Yang activity, then they don't have time to put roots down deeper into the soil to be able to absorb all the other micronutrients that they would naturally have absorbed. The fruit may be bigger but it has less nutritional value. I have noticed with grapes, apples, and tomatoes, the bigger they are then the less flavor they have. Flavor comes from vitamins that are only created by all the little micronutrients that got left behind when the plant was forced into superfast accelerated growth mode. 

And then since we humans eat these crops that are deficient in micronutrients, then we have become mineral deficient and vitamin deficient. This contributes to weak bones and joints, as well as learning disabilities in children who are trying to grow but there is not enough minerals and vitamins to support their developing brain. 

Also the pesticides that were sprayed on the plants then leave residue that stays in or on the plant permanently. These pesticides are Toxic Heat. Then when we eat these foods with pesticides on them, then that goes into our bodies and causes Toxic Heat in us. And since the Liver is the first organ to try to filter toxins out of our blood, then most of these toxic pesticides build up in the Liver which causes Toxic Heat in the Liver. In Traditional Chinese Medicine one of the biggest symptoms of Toxic Heat in the Liver is Anger.  What do we see an increased amount of in today's society?  Anger!  People everywhere, young and old, rich and poor are experiencing anger themselves or violent situations with severely angry people that is causing death and destruction within our schools and our homes  and our society nationwide. There is way too much Yang in our food and in our world today and not anywhere near enough Yin. 

Yin is representative of night time, sleep, calm. Yin is also representative of all the little micronutrients and trace minerals that a plant would normally absorb from the soil. Yin is also representative of the Probiotics that are the healthy supportive bacteria in our gut.  These micronutrients, trace minerals, and good bacteria are vitally important to our health and without it, then we don't sleep, relax, focus or calm down very well. We need Yin nutrients to be able to engage in Yin activities like sleeping, calming our minds, and even digesting food.

So let's do away with the excessive Yang synthetic fertilizers, and completely get rid of the Severely Yang Toxic Heat pesticides, and allow the plants to grow at a slower rate and be able to absorb all the Yin micronutrients. Let's return to organic farming the way my parents farm did it when we spread good old fashioned manure on the fields every winter so that it was blended into the soil in the spring. That was our fertilizer and it worked extremely well. It is a better balance of Yin and Yang and respecting the cycle of nature. I believe there would be a lot less health problems and violence problems if we grow our food the way God intended it to grow by allowing the plants to absorb all the Yin that is needed to support life. 

All of our modern methods have created a severely Yang world. The laws of the universe require that everything must always be in balance.  That means that when things get too far out of balance in one direction, then the universe will eventually turn it back on itself in the opposite direction, sometimes by violent means in order to rebalance the whole system. We humans should try to fix our system before the earth fixes it for us.