Why Sunflowers?

Several of my customers have asked me why I named my business after Sunflowers.  Well, I like the way sunflowers look. They are big and bright. I remember as a kid driving past this one field of sunflowers. I was always in awe and wonder at how big these "flowers" could get. Also it left me in awe and wonder at the fact that they can turn their big heads to face the sun no matter what time of day it is. That proves to me that these plants have more life or intelligence to them than what people give any plant credit for. 

The other reason I chose sunflowers is because I eat quite a lot of Sunflower seeds. In fact I order them in 25 pound bags from the local organic herbal store.  Sunflowers are a main food staple for myself and my family. You see, I, and some other members of my family, cannot eat wheat, or oats, or anything with gluten. In fact we avoid most grains including corn and most rice.  I used to think my issue was a gluten intolerance. It started with severe depression and anxiety and eventually turned into very painful IBS.  But then why do I also have a problem with most things rice or corn?  And most things in the store that are Gluten-Free in the grocery store are made with soy, which also adversely affects me, or corn and rice.

After much talking with Naturopathic Doctors, as well as doing my own research, I learned about Genetically Modified Crops and the horrifying amount of pesticides that are sprayed on those genetically modified crops. It's enough to kill an elephant! Literally. There is no nice way to put it- what they have done to the wheat, corn, soy, and more recently- rice and peanuts, is absolutely EVIL!

If you look online, there are some medical doctors who are beginning to think that Celiac disease and Gluten Intolerance may not actually be caused by the actual grains but by the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that are dumped all over those crops in an ever increasing amount. 

But Sunflowers have so far escaped the raping of their DNA and the toxic poisoning by pesticides because they are a little different. The chemicals that are sprayed on the previously mentioned crops would kill a sunflower very quickly. The Sunflower is a touchy plant. So the farmers who grow Sunflowers usually only spray the field just before planting the seeds into the soil, and then they leave them alone for the entire rest of the season. This is what was explained to me by a local sunflower grower.  

So I buy the raw, already hulled Sunflower seeds, and then I grind them into flour to make cake, or cookies, or pie crust. It tastes really good! I even make my own cereal with them sometimes.  The first time I baked a cake with sunflower seeds, the inside of the cake was green! It really surprised me. But when I took that first bite, Oh My Goodness! It was the most amazing flavor! I never tasted any cake before in my life that tasted that good.  By doing some research I found out that sunflower seeds have a lot more minerals in them than other grains. The sunflower roots go down into the soil 20 or 30 feet so they are picking up way more nutrients. This is the reason for the green color in my cake.

So yes, sunflowers do make me happy. Anything that I can eat without suffering bad side effects from, makes me very happy.