Increasing Allergies to Bee Stings

Over the years more and more people are becoming allergic to bee stings. In Traditional Chinese Medicine a bee sting is called Toxic Heat. Many people's idea or way to prevent bee stings is to spray their yard with pesticides so that there are no flowering weeds to attract the bees. Many businesses spray pesticides all around their business property so that none of their clients get stung by a bee and decides to sue the business.  

But what no one is realizing is that pesticides are Toxic Heat also.  And the pesticides build up in your body over time which will increase your allergic reactions.  I am going to use an analogy or parable to explain this:

So if a metal worker/machinist is in his garage/shop grinding a piece of metal, then sparks will be flying off the grinding wheel and going all over the place.  Most of the mechanics or machinists that I have known keep their garage/shop cleaner than their house because of these sparks.  Usually their cement floor is swept clean and everything including tools, parts, and supplies are put away in cupboards or at least far away in a corner so these things are not any where near the sparks that are flying out from the grinding wheel.  So these sparks can be thrown off of the grinding wheel all day long but when the sparks land on the clean cement floor nothing happens. There is no reaction. 

But if the  work bench and the floor are covered in kerosene, oil, diesel fuel, and garbage such as paper and sawdust, well then when the sparks hit this highly flammable mess the sparks instantly ignite the oils and fuels and paper junk and the whole entire place goes up in flames. 

In this little parable the bee stings are the sparks and the pesticides that build up in the body are the kerosene, oil and fuel and junk laying around that easily ignites. 

Pesticides started being used in 1944, slowly at first and then increasing over the years. Now people are spraying their lawns with it.  Pesticides are sprayed on the football fields, the school playgrounds, the parks, along the edges of sidewalks. These pesticides get into the water and is Not able to be filtered out by the Water Sewage Treatment Plants.  It seeps into people's wells. A lot of people are of the misconception that if they live out in the country around farms and fields that their air is cleaner and their water is safer.  Not so. Almost all farmers nowadays spray their fields several times throughout the year, and all of those pesticides, herbicides and fungicides seep through the soil into your well water.  Also the pesticide sprays can drift for miles through the air, killing the neighbors vegetable gardens and forcing you to breathe it into your lungs. I know people who live out in the country around these corn and soy fields who have lung disease even though they have never smoked a cigarette. 

A few of my customers this past year told me that their dog started having seizures and acting funny and then died after the fields near their homes were sprayed.  Well if it can affect a dog then it can affect humans also. 

So to protect myself and my family I got a water filter, the best kind being a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in order to get all those chemicals out of my drinking water.  And I keep all my doors and windows shut in the spring and the fall which is when the farmers are spraying the most.

  They spray the ground before they plant in order to kill any weeds that grew over the winter.  And they spray several times throughout the summer with Roundup. And then they spray the harshest nastiest most horrific chemicals such Dicamba mixed with other things in order to kill their crop in September to make it dry up quickly so they can harvest it early and get paid sooner.  It is horrible logic but if you look out your window or watch as you are driving somewhere you can plainly see them out there spraying during all these times.  Also close to 60% of the corn and soy is fed to cows, pigs and chickens because it makes them gain weight quickly (it does the same thing to humans), and so these pesticides also end up in the cow milk and beef, pork, chicken and eggs.  So we are getting exposed to pesticides at every possible turn.  Oh, and I forgot to mention how much pesticides are sprayed on potatoes, tomatoes, cotton(used to make some tampons and also fed to cows) and other fruits and vegetables.  

All of these Toxic chemicals build up inside our bodies just like the gasoline or diesel fuel and junk paper laying all around in a garage just waiting for one little spark to come along and ignite it.  Those bee stings are that spark. So is bad emotions.  So it is important to do everything you possibly can to eliminate these Toxic Heat pesticides from your life as much as possible. Stop spraying your yard.  Get a petition to stop spraying the school playground. And even though you might have been told that these chemicals dissipate in 24 hours, just know that that is so not true. These pesticides have tested positive in water and soil months and even a year after the last spray.  These pesticides have been tested positive in baby formulas, milk, beer, tampons, and almost every food you can imagine.  So try to buy products that are as organic as possible.  And it would really help to look for a Non-GMO label, since GMO's are made to be resistant to pesticides so that the farmers can spray the fields more often without it dying. 

Growing your own vegetables and raising your own chickens would be beneficial, but then you have to be careful what kind of feed you are feeding to them because most of the Chicken Feed Grains are full of pesticides.  Look into Totally Natural farming.  And for those people who can not raise your own then when buying meat at the store try to look for labels that say grass fed or pasture raised. It may cost a little more money but it is worth it in the long run if it is healthier for you. Also you have the option to cut back on the amount of meat and animal products that you eat.  You do need some meat, but most Americans just plain eat way too much meat. 

All of these little thing add up to making a difference in the severity of your allergies to Bees and other things like grass, and food allergies.  And you have the option to take your health one step further by looking up the detoxifying effects of dandelion root.