To Change the World we must Change the Food!

Confucius, who was a very famous Chinese philosopher, has a very famous saying that goes like this:

"To Change the World you must change the Nation. To change the Nation you must change it's People. To change it's People you must change it's Families.  To change the Families you must change the Self.  To change your Self, you must change your Heart.  To change your Heart you must change your Mind.  To change your mind you must change your Thoughts.  To change your Thoughts you must Investigate Knowledge- seeing things as they really are. "

So In my quest for knowledge I have learned that Food has the greatest impact on how a person looks, feels, and thinks, more so than anything else.  Yes other people can impact how you feel but usually the way that they are acting is caused by their level of healthiness which is caused by the food that they eat.  

I am not talking about pounds, or weight loss, or calories or grams of fat.  All of that is irrelevant here.  What I am talking about is the quality of the food starting with how it was grown. If the fruits and vegetables that you eat are genetically engineered and then sprayed with deadly poison called pesticides, then that food is Not healthy. When we eat poisoned food it makes us feel miserable and can change our mood and energy levels.  Also if we feed these genetically modified crops such as corn and soy and cottonseed to the cows, pigs, and chickens, and then we eat those animals, then we are still getting the particles of the genetically modified foods and pesticides through the animal products.  

If you are wondering why there is such high rates of cancer and diabetes, look at the food.  Also all of those chemicals get into our water and drifts many miles in the air so we are also drinking it and breathing it in.  If you wonder why so many children have learning disorders look at what is in their food.  If you wonder why there are so many school shootings nowadays, look at the food! Remember that the Liver has to filter all of the toxins that we ingest out of the blood. But after awhile the Liver gets full of toxins and in Chinese medicine a Toxic Liver is often displayed by expressions of anger.  Also Depression is a sometimes caused by a Toxic Liver.  Depression can also be caused by lack of proper nutrients which also comes from eating unhealthy or Empty food. Again it goes back to the food.

While growing up on the farm, anytime one of our animals was sick, the first thing that Ol' Doc Joe (the Veterinarian) would look at is what the animal is eating. He would pick up a handful of the hay or silage to smell if it was moldy. He would ask about the protein composition- Was the cow getting too much protein and not enough fiber? That is a very common problem with most people's diet today. Also he would check her water source to see if the water had chemicals or other bad impurities in it. The first thing that a Vet checks with a sick animal is the animal's food and water. Why doesn't our modern society do that with people?  They should. 

Even Behavior issues are affected by these foods, primarily because of the toxins that build up in the Liver and cause irritation making the whole person irritated and causing them to act out and misbehave.  

What about Drug Addiction? That is a huge problem that has suddenly increased drastically in the last 5 years. How interesting to note that the in 2014 the agricultural industry told farmers to start mixing and spraying even stronger and deadlier chemicals on the grains and vegetables. Those grains also get fed to the farm animals so whether we eat the vegetables and grains or eat the cow and chickens eventually all those chemicals still gets into our system through what we eat. And those pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides make people feel like CRAP physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  So when the people feel awful and the prescription medicines can't help, then out of pure desperation people turn to illegal drugs.  

So I will add to Confucius's saying, but first I want to point out that he mentions the Heart. The Heart in Chinese medicine can affect your ability to think clearly. A weak heart can possibly lead to a weak mind and wrong decision making. And those pesticides that are sprayed all over our food can and have caused weak hearts and even caused people's hearts to just plain stop beating and die. It affects us on a cellular level so it affects every cell in our bodies. It also affects our hormones.

So in order to change your Self and your Health, you must change your Heart. In order to change your Heart you must change your Cells. In order to change your Cells you must change your Food. In order to change your Food you must change How the Food is grown.