Diet and Weight Loss

A lot of people ask me about diet and or weight loss. I do stay on a pretty strict diet myself for proper weight.  My own personal diet consists of staying away from corn, soy, wheat, and cow milk. Not only are those 4 ingredients known for causing weight gain, belly fat, gallstones, high cholesterol, inflammation, and being loaded with pesticides, but they also adversely affect me greatly. If I eat bread made with wheat I will have to run to the bathroom in about 5 minutes. If I eat corn anything I get extremely irritated, probably because of the insane amount of pesticides that are sprayed on the corn. Soy has made me sick as a dog ever since I was a little kid, so that is why I don't eat chocolate, because soy is always added to chocolate. And cow milk causes me to get ear infections, soar throat, sinus infections, and stomach aches. So when people ask me "Don't you miss being able to eat pizza and icecream?" my answer is always  "Not at all!"  I certainly do NOT miss all the side effects that I felt every time I ate that garbage. 

Along with watching what I eat I sometimes take supplements to help with digestion or metabolism.  I do not sell or prescribe any herbs or supplements in my office so here are some good supplements that I found online that have very high reviews and a very good track record with many people who have bought these products and had great results-  HalkiDiabetesRemedy, Leptitox

Have a great day and enjoy all the health that the natural health world has to offer!