Acupuncture Success Stories

Frozen Shoulder interfering with work: "My Right Shoulder was so stiff and froze up that I couldn't raise my arm up higher than my shoulder. My chiropractor referred me to Therese for acupuncture on my shoulder. She used needles and moxa on my shoulder and fixed me right up!  I was able to raise my arm up over my head after the first treatment. Before the acupuncture visit I was afraid I might have to quit my job. But after seeing Therese and getting Acupuncture on my shoulder I was able to go back to work with no problem."      -John Miller

Neck Pain: " I had very tight neck pain when I came to see Therese for an Acupuncture Treatment. After my Acupuncture Treatment my shoulders and neck aren't nearly so tight as they were. I think it gave me a really good kick start followed by Massage. My pain level is way down."    -Mary Barkman

Low Back and Knee Pain:  "I used to have trouble walking up the steps because my knees hurt. And my lower back was quite unbearable at times.  So I gave Therese a call to give acupuncture a try. I received several acupuncture treatments over the course of a couple months.  My knees have been really good even though it has been 4 months since my last Acupuncture Treatment. My back feels a lot better. And she also eliminated my diet coke cravings."  -Jim Gasser 

Scar Tissue: "I had some pain from leftover scar tissue from a surgery.  The pain interfered somewhat with my ability to bend and lift things at work. Therese did acupuncture near the scar tissue which really relieved my pain and made my job a little easier. She did a great job!"  -Denny Hahn

Back Pain and Muscle Spasms: "I had almost debilitating back spasms and started coming to Therese. She did cupping with the first session which really started to alleviate my pain right away.  I continued coming for several sessions which continued to decrease my pain substantially. She helped the muscle function return in my arm. She saved me from possibly losing my job. I would recommend that anyone who has similar pain to come see Therese. Highly recommended!"            -Renee Miller

Peripheral Neuropathy: I have been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy which involves nerve pain and tingling in extremities.  I am diabetic but the neurologist doesn't believe that is the cause.  He thinks it could have been exposure to something else.  I also experience neck pain, leg cramps, bursitis in my knees and in the ball of my feet, and have low energy.                                I've tried getting relief via my family physician.  He prescribed medications, physical therapies, and chiropractic treatments which did provide some degree of relief.    I discussed my symptoms with Therese, she felt that acupuncture could help.  I thought it couldn't hurt so I decided to give it a try.                                  I began to follow her recommendations along with the acupuncture treatments.  I began feeling some improvement even after the first session, and continue to feel improvement.  I haven't felt this healthy in years!              -Randy Butts


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