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Just Breathe

A FREE class to learn an easy way to destress your life.

Conducted by: Therese Byrne LAc., LMT                                                          Happy Sunflower Acupuncture                                                                          2056 Portage Road Suite 6, Wooster, OH 44691

Just Breathe is a FREE Class to Destress!

In the modern hustle and bustle many people don’t even stop to breathe, quite literally. Many people are so stressed out that they tend to hold their breath unconsciously out of bad habit. Many people breathe very shallowly all day long, which creates a more acidic environment inside your body. This acidic internal environment leads to feeling more stressed out, trouble focusing, trouble sleeping, difficulty in relationships, more chance of cancerous growths, difficulty healing from infections, increased chance of candida overgrowth, and more inflammation and pain.  

If you suffer from any of these symptoms then this class is for you. This is not a yoga class or a martial arts class. Anyone is welcome no matter your level of fitness. Everyone can benefit from breathing better. 

Just Breathe is a FREE class to all. 

Come learn how you can start changing your own internal environment to have better health, better sleep, better focus, even a better love life. 

Most exercises will be done sitting and laying on the floor so bring an exercise matte if you don’t want to lay on the actual floor. 

Classes will be held the first and third Fridays of every month starting in September at 6:30 pm at Happy Sunflower Acupuncture office located at        2056 Portage Road Suite 6, Wooster, OH 44691

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